Britannic 2B

Last of the line in the Britannic range (although the numbering/naming system has never been quite clear to me), and a surprising amount bigger than the two previous machines, is this 2B, which also lost its coat of paint somewhere during its lifetime, clearly showing that the top plate was now made of brass. This machine, apart from being a complete redesign, also has the painted parts in black crinkle paint, pointing towards the 1940s, and has some quite different castings, e.g. for the handle and (again) outside input clearing. Also the carriage movement mechanism has been streamlined from what it was, and an extra knob has appeared in the middle of the carriage, which when depressed, uncouples the two clearing shafts. If left to its own devices, turning any of the two clearing thumbscrews will clear the entire carriage.

Britannic 2B picture 1

Britannic 2B picture 2

Britannic 2B picture 3

Britannic 2B picture 4