Monroe G

The last Monroe model before the completely redesigned Model K. On the page of my Monroe F, I wrote that I had no idea what the difference between the two models was, but now I have both of them, I know - the Monroe G automatically lifts its carriage when clearing the result register, while on the Monroe F, the user needs to take care of this him/herself. The redesign of the lifting handle is also obviously related to this change.

This is the mechanism that takes care of the lifting - a halfround bar and a support in the body of the machine - it is clear from the mark where the carriage is usually cleared:

And here you see the carriage lifting during a clearing operation - using just one hand:

This machine came to me through my girlfriend's sister, whose husband had friend who had some old calculators he wanted to get rid of. This usually means nothing exciting, but in this ca the machines were a Jion B and a Monroe G. In addition, the husband expressed interest to have a restored calculator on the sideboard - so I restored the Jion B for him, and kept the Monroe G. The machine has a sort of crocodile-skin finish of crackled black over a green undercoat. I only had to cast a column zeroing knob (they do not interchange with earlier model knobs for which I did have a mold, but they are not as deeply dished as these...) and clean the machine thoroughly - for the rest it operates flawlessly. In addition I succeeded in buying (from a French antique shop on an antique scientific instruments fair) an original manual for the Monroe G, dated 1919. It is quite interesting,and goes into quite a lot of detail on how to approach various kinds of calculations on the machine, often in ways that save time. I will scan it and link to it on this page.

Now, some pictures: