Remington Rand R51

This machine was bought in France, where German calculators in the 1950s were not that popular for obvious reasons. So the Walther factory exported their machines to France under the name of the American office concern Remington Rand - and a plate at the back proudly proclaiming its origin as (US Zone) Germany. The machine itself is a Walther WR16,with the ornate Remington-Rand logo fixed on top of the Walther script. I have bought the machine off the son of an office mechanic, J.C. Thouant, whose sticker is still affixed to the machine. At the address of the shop is now an insurance broker. Judging from the machine pictured on the sticker affixed to the front, it was still in use well past its expiry date, and possibly taken as a trade in.

Remington Rand R51 picture 1

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