Archimedes Junior

The Archimedes Junior is was the smallest machine in the Archimedes range in terms of capacity. In addition, the slider version is exceedingly cute, and very expensive. This is the same machine, but with keys. The price difference is not quite the same as between the Archimedes C and D (versions with sliders and keys of the same machine), but this is the first time I've seen a machine like this.

When I got it, it was filthy, the handle had been abused and a keytop was missing. SInce I know how to cast new keytops, this was easily remedied. The only other issue was that the paste-filled indentations on the top of Archimedes keys are apparently very shallow - on plenty of the keys they had simply worn off. My efforts to deepen them slightly with a rotary tool and a very small milling cutter proved less than completely succesful, but I managed to make it look relatively decent in the end.

I have no idea what the mystery metal button at the top left of the carriage is for - it is simply a stud that screws through a hole, but there is nothing for it to lock the carriage with. Any suggestions are welcome.

Archimedes Junior  picture 1

Archimedes Junior  picture 2

Archimedes Junior  picture 3

Archimedes Junior  picture 4