Vaucanson Modèle D

A machine that is almost identical, but very slightly earlier (only 75 examples, s/n 20336 vs. 20411) than the later variant named AVA20, of which the pictures can be found lower on this page. A very beautiful and sleek french machine, built by the Ateliers Vaucanson, in St. Nicolas d'Aliermont. The factory bulding still exists. Martin Reese wrote an extensive article on Vaucanson in Historische Bürowelt n° 104. Become a member of the ifhb to read it ... earlier issues (up to n° 98) are available freely. There is a bewildering variety of clearing options and carriage movement options, but this Modèle D and the AVA20 below are identical - star wheel for moving the carriage, pull levers left, right and at the top for clearing the registers and input. Switching from + to - is automatic, and the lever is located right next tot he pinwheel cylinder. This machien has probably been restored at one point, because it sports matte black paint on the back cover, and the ID plate is missing (while the holes where it sat are still there)

Vaucanson D picture 1

Vaucanson D picture 2

Vaucanson D picture 3

Vaucanson D picture 4

Vaucanson AVA20

Vaucanson A.V.A. 20 picture 1

Vaucanson A.V.A. 20 picture 2

Vaucanson A.V.A. 20 picture 3

Vaucanson A.V.A. 20 picture 4