Barrett Figuring and Listing Machine

This too is not a four-function calculator. It is very high quality though, and a little different from the rest. This became immediately obvious when I unpacked it, since I was unable to operate it at first. Looking carefully at the bakelite housing thouhg, it clearly states "start here" with the lever to the front (to enter a number). To then effect an operation, you push the lever to the back and pull it back to its starting position. This is the type B, which lists. There is also another type without the printer. In any case, the 1930s yellow swirly platic knob is gorgeous, and very tactile ...

The red comma indicator is moved from left to right and back by the wheel poking through the front of the housing.

... as well as the Barrett Figuring Machine, or rather, the A-type machine, without the listing functionality. Also the housing contains less text, and the comma indicator mechanism is completely different, and rather windshield-wiper like. But it does have a shiny yellow knob too! Do note the tiny round window right on top of the keyboard, which will display an indicator showing how many digits you have entered already on the last entry.