Brunsviga B

A very nice, early pre-1900 Brunsviga B, N 1782, obviously with long crank and comma slider bar, but with a very nice patent decal (identical to the one used on N633 in the Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, which is significant in the discussion on what exactly that machine is and when it was sold). There is part of the decal that has been blanked out with black paint. Under the Braunschweig-Brunswick line, it should say "System W.T. Odhner". I suspect Franz Trinks was already dreaming of the "System Trinks" at this point in time.

I have no idea whether the bone crank handle is original, none of the other ones I've seen have that, but the wood of which the handle is made also shows a lot of variation - perhaps they used bone for one batch of handles ?

Brunsviga B  picture 1

Brunsviga B  picture 2

Brunsviga B  picture 3

Brunsviga B  picture 4

Brunsviga B  picture 5