Brunsviga B

This is one of the "improved" versions of the Brunsviga B.

It now has a direction indicator next to the crank on the right side, and various safeties are incorporated. This includes a lock on the crank when the carriage is not in its rest position, and a lock on the clearing of the result counter if the carriage is not in its leftmost position. There is also a direction change lock, which prevents the handle from being reversed when it is partway through a turn. This mechanism was cleanly removed from the machine, probably because it bothered the owner. You can't please everyone!

Finally, there is the input clearing wingnut on the lefthand side of the machine, which is also interlocked with the main crank - operating one ofboth prevents the actuation of the other.

Nearly all parts of this machine have been stamped with the serial number. What the four mystery rivets on either side of the "Brunsviga" have been for is anyone's guess. They serve no purpose now.

Brunsviga B picture 1

Brunsviga B picture 2

Brunsviga B picture 3

Brunsviga B picture 4