Brunsviga MII

After the Rema factory was bought up by Brunsviga, the Rema II and III were continued to be built, under their own name, but later also as models in the Brunsviga range. This is an example of an exquisite MII. Compare it to my Rema II and see what the case does for it ... On the other hand, this has clearly been repainted, the red is not original, an neither is the black paint on the left bearing cover. It has a refinement which I have not seen on Rema's, namely the option of disconnecting the counter register by holding the little knob on the left side down. This prevents you from having to reset the counter register after cranking in a dividend. Nice touch!

Brunsviga MII picture 1

Brunsviga MII picture 2

Brunsviga MII picture 3

Brunsviga MII picture 4

Brunsviga MII picture 5