Calcorex 330 and Zagreb

This, N 70256, is, together with the Rokli 6R, the sorriest machine in the collection. The reason is that the pinwheel cylinder is made of a zinc alloy, that is subject to age-induced cracking (zinc-rot) when stored under the wrong conditions. This deforms the pinwheel cylinder, irreversibly blocking everything in place. The rest of the machine is fine, only it will never calculate anything but zeroes again.

Calcorex 330 picture 1

Calcorex 330 picture 2

Calcorex 330 picture 3

Calcorex 330 picture 4

Luckily I was able to acquire the simpler predecessor to the Calcorex 330, which is the "Zagreb", serial n 23654. The much earlier production does not yet have the space age handle, but it does have a pinwheel cylinder made from proper materials, so this one didn't crack, and the machine operates as new.

Zagreb picture 1

Zagreb picture 2

Zagreb picture 3

Zagreb picture 4

Here are the two Yugoslavian sisters, showing of the differences in the handle, carriage transport levers, and the lack of back transfer (black button next to carriage transport, labeled "P") on the older machine.

Calcorex and Zagreb picture