Dactyle A13

When I saw this somewhat grotty Dactyle on a second-hand site, I immediately knew I had to have it, because the tabulator looked like nothing I've ever seen on a Dactyle before. Machine in hand, that turned out to be logical - someone got tired of the error-prone and cumbersome Dactyle tabulator, and replaced it with the tabulator of a Triumphator. The funny thing is that apparently the transplant is effortless, and the tabulation works flawlessly, much in contrast with my experience with Dactyle tabulators. So clearly, mission accomplished. The machine according to legend was used in a police office in East Flanders. Whether it was a local office mechanic who did this transplant or an adventurous police officer, we'll probably never find out ... but it is a bit of a conversation piece!

Dactyle A13 picture 1

More pictures to come soon, once it's cleaned up a bit.