Feliks M

The late Feliks M is a machine that I always passed up, because of concerns I had about its quality. There are lots of stamped parts, and castings made out of zinc/aluminium alloy, that is often subject to zinc pest, and then swells, cracks and falls apart. Those concerns turned out to be justified, but when this particular opportunity arose, I could hardly say no. This is an original Feliks M from 1974, basically new in the box, and never used. It is complete with a German and a Russian manual and the dust cover. It works, but the clearing is sloppy, the setting pins are stiff, and if you turn the crank too enthousiastically it bends (really!). I don't think I'd like to work with it on a daily basis.

Some dire warnings:

Feliks M picture 1

They say to store the machine in a dry spot, and also when bringing it inside in winter, to allow it about 4 hours to warm up prior to use.

Original box:

Feliks M picture 2

Feliks M picture 3

The manuals - although the Russian one calls it "passport". In German it's dryly called "user manual". It was sold by Robotron, from this office in Berlin (now a ministery). The Russian version also includes the warranty card, with a handwritten date in august 1974.

Feliks M picture 4

Also included - a dust cover

Feliks M picture 5

And then finally, the machine itself. The black-on-white numeral wheels are a neat and different idea, already used by W.T. Odhner in his early machines, but apart from Marchants not used in any more recent machines I know of.

Feliks M picture 6

Feliks M picture 8

Feliks M picture 7

Feliks M picture 9