Lipsia 8H

Contrary to the basic model 7, what I suppose is the model 8H has quick clearing in the registers ("H" ?), and tens' carry in the revolution counter (model 8), albeit with manual setting of division or multiplication. The additional little knob on the top plate is the safety-unlocking device for turning back the crank after part of an erroneous turn. This machine was clearly spiffed up later, testimony of the dark grey metallic paint and the lack of white filler for the numbers and other engravings. Where the grey paint cracks, there is black underneath. As this is also a time document, I have chosen not to take the grey coat of paint off. The machine is also missing the setting register clearing bar (lost during painting ?).

Lipsia 8 picture 1

Lipsia 8 picture 2

Lipsia 8 picture 3

Lipsia 8 picture 4