Brunsviga MDRII

Top of the line calculator in the Triplex range. Not only does it have all the features of the normal Triplex, it also has an added "automatic" revolution counter on top of the machine, which decides on its own what the rotation direction of the carriage is, and moves its blind accordingly to display white (for positive) or red (for negative) numbers. Once the direction hs been chosen by the first turn of the crank, this allows shortened multiplication because ten's carry in the revolution counter is also correct, whereas this is not the case for the revolution counter in the carriage. In addition, it has all the features of the normal triplex, allowing to disengage ten's carry in the result register between places 12 and 13 by pulling the knob at the bottom right of the carriage, and with the help of the lever on top of the carriage and the lever on top of the clearing nut, to select either side of the result register for clearing by itself, leaving the other half undisturbed.

The machine is originally Dutch, sold by Handelsmaatschappij Adriaan Koller & van Os in Amsterdam, Rotterdam (buildg torn down) or Den Haag (not much left there either - it appears to be the gift shop, shame it is not the building nextdoor!

The baseplate is original and oozes quality, with the hinges and lock, as well as the carrying handle built into the edge of the plate.

Trinks Triplex MDRII  picture 1

Trinks Triplex MDRII  picture 2

Trinks Triplex MDRII  picture 3

Trinks Triplex MDRII  picture 4

Trinks Triplex MDRII  picture 5

Trinks Triplex MDRII  picture 6