John Napier

John Napier was a Scottish protestant, mathematician and philosopher, and now mainly known for his discovery of logarithms and popularizing a multiplication aid commonly called "Napier's bones" or Napier's rods", thus taking the first step towards mechanisation of calculation.

When I found myself in the city of Edinburgh, I knew I had to make a small pilgrimage to St. Cuthberth's to see the great mathematician's tomb. After considerable difficulties, because the church was closed due to music exams taking place inside, I returned right before heading back to the airport, and then discovered that in fact the memorial stone is in the church portal, and I had only been about 5 meters away when the warden told me I could not go in. So if you ever find youself in the same situation when visiting, just take a few more steps and discover the momument ...

Here it is:

Jhone Naepeer's tomb

The Latin reads:

Near this spot lie interred the remains of John Napier of Merchiston, who has obtained for himself the eternal remembrance of posterity by the wonderful invention of the logarithms.

He died long ago on the ninth of April A.D. 1642, aged 67.

In the honour of such great man is placed this tablet, A.D. 1842