Odhner 13

An early incarnation of an Odhner with tens' carry in the revolution counter and manual direction switching. This is N 90163. The machine came to me from France in rather delapitated condition, but it cleaned up really nicely. It was also a pleasant surprise to find the original instructions about unscrewing the carriage lock screw still stuck on the bottom ("Before using the machine, the screw must be slackened until the carriage becomes free", in Swedish, English and German, - but not in French!) . The rubber feet have of course given up the ghost, and also the handle didn't make it through all of the machines 84 years completely unscathed.

Original Odhner 13 picture 1

Original Odhner 13 picture 2

Original Odhner 13 picture 3

Original Odhner 13 picture 4

Original Odhner 13 picture 5

The dealer plate on the carriage shift states "Cie. Original Odhner" with the address "Rue Lafayette 103, Paris Xme", and two telephone nubers (Tl. Trudaine 04-44 and 04-43), so a manual switchboard still, which tells us the machine was sold before or in 1928 - the serial number points to 1929. Perhaps they still had to use up these plates - conversion from the manual numbers to automatic ones was easily possible. For the Trudaine switchboard, the numbers would have been 878-0444 and 878-0443). The building at Rue Lafayette 103 still exists, and appears to be quite suitable for the national dealership of a large calculator manufacturer. It now houses a bank.