Odhner 16

This machine looks rather more like "Alien", which is why I like it. This particular machine, with serial nr. 90.678, is in a sorry cosmetic condition. The clearing thumbscrew for the setting register has disappeared (probably broken) and the whole assembly was then taken out of the machine and neatly (...) covered with a piece of metal, which was then subsequently repainted with a big fat brush, together with the rest of the machine. I need to strip this thick layer of paint off and redo the whole thing, but I have not gotten around to that. It does work, and was used for quite a while after the "restoration", as there is wear on the new paint as well.

Original Odhner 16 picture 1

Original Odhner 16 picture 2

Original Odhner 16 picture 3

Original Odhner 16 picture 4