Original Odhner AVKD

One of the first "improved" Odhners with the designation "Original Odhner". It is "dans son jus", with original baseplate complete with recess for easy clearing of the result register, and decal of the seller, which is "NYA PAPPERS A B, Carlander & Co, Halmstad". It has a tabulator, requiring the operator to be less attentive to carriage shifts, as the machine will always shift exactly one place, without the possibility of error.

A second improvement is the quick clearing on the result register. Instead of having to turn the wingnut a full turn to clear the register, half a turn is all that is required, after which the spring-loaded wingnut snaps back to its original position.

The question remains whether "AVKD" is the right type designation. The only AVKD's Ive seen have two quick clearings, also on the revolution counter. Perhaps one of the letters in the type designation is superfluous, but I have no idea which one, and there seems to be little documentation. Any help or references would be appreciated.

I bought the machine from Sweden and had the most incredible difficulties to get it here. For some reason the shipping company I used was totally unable to find the address where the package should be picked up. I was literally staring at the front door of the place on google maps, but it took them over a week to get their act together and finally pick up the machine. Now it did get here, I am however quite happy with it!

Original Odhner AVKD  picture 1

Original Odhner AVKD picture 2

Original Odhner AVKD picture 3

Original Odhner AVKD  picture 4