Brunsviga 10

The Brunsviga 10 was one of the first machines in my collection, bought off ebay. It has some issues, which I have left as is - there is a clearing crank missing, which is really not much of an issue as the machine runs so light that you can twist the remaining knob just with fingers, and also the keytop of the "0" key on the front is missing. With Brunsviga machines, the tapered pins that secure cranks are notoriously difficult to remove, so maybe one day I'll buy a parts machine, drill out the pin and replace the crank. For now it is just fine as it is

Brunsviga 10 machines are a bit special, as they are based on a different principle than the other Brunsvigas. They are in fact stepped drum machines with fixed input pins. However, to keep the mechanism more compact, they use a single segment with 5 teeth with is shifted into the line of the result gears for numbers 5 to 9. This mechanism has been termed -somewhat tongue in cheek- "biquinary".

All that being said, it is a very nice machine to work with, intuitive and light in action. The capacity is rather small, and it would have been nice to have a similar machine with the regular 8x13x10 capacity.

Brunsviga 10 picture 1

Brunsviga 10 picture 2

Brunsviga 10 picture 3

Brunsviga 10 picture 4