Mercedes-Euklid 1

When I acquired this machine, it was completely blocked and utterly filthy. After cleaning, it was still blocked. I have taken it apart as far as I dared (which is not something I would care to repeat soon) and managed to cure its ills. The serial number dates it to 1921. It is of very peculiar construction and not quite comparable to anything else that was on the market. Its compactness, ease of operation and business-like layout are a testament to the genius of Christel Hamann. The unusual controls however, do take some getting used to. It has stop-division, and that certainly takes some getting used to. it is also what the odd lever A/E at the front left of the machine is for. When set to "A" the carriage is actuated normally, the setting "E" is for stop division, and it will step the carriage to the left if the direction lever for the result register is flipped.

The one remaining problem with the machine is that the crank broke off at some point, and the remaining stub was tapped for two screws to attach a piece of steel with a crank handle. Not quite as elegant as the original, but functional...

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