Mercedes-Euklid 29

A further development of the Mercedes-Euklid machine, much more compact, with a keyboard much reduced in size and an inverted geometry with respect to the older machines, but still the same proportional lever and rack technology that the older machines by Christel Hamann used. Its styling breathes 1930s - which is logical, because this style of machine was first built in 1934.

This is nr. 49212, built in summer 1941.

It is a very nice and well-thought-out machine overall, but certainly the most remarkable feature is still the automatic division. My model I has stop division, requiring you to interact with the machine each time the carriage over/underflows. In this machine, everything happens automatically. I have uploaded a video where you can see how the process takes place - for each decimal place, the addition and subtraction for result and revolution register switch. So you start by subtracting from the result and adding to the revolution counter, until there is an overflow. At that point, the carriage will switch, and you'll add to the result and subtract from the revolution counter, until you pass zero, the carriage will switch, etc etc. This is nicely visible in the video below, where I divide pi by itself. A further example is the calculation how many days would be in a week if the year would have exactly 52 weeks.

I also owe you some pictures, of course, but it is much nicer to see the machine in action in the videos below.

Mercedes Euklid picture 1

Mercedes Euklid picture 2

Mercedes Euklid picture 3

Mercedes Euklid picture 4