BRUNSVIGA - Gehirn von Stahl. Display cabinet 6 in Room 1

Prospectus of the sales office in Düsseldorf


Pictured on the title page is the BRUNSVIGA T. The inner leaves, apart from a rather general text, feature the models M, MDII and MJ

object 1 cabinet 1


1919 no serial nr. Reversible hand-operated four-species machine with keyboard and axial pinwheels according to DRP 276 401, 292 152, 296 046, 296 373 and 318 046

This machine is a research model. In the G-N-C Monatsschrift, in the May-June issue of 1919, the story “The Three Graces” appeared, according to which the model T, apparently due to a strike, was not finished in time for the expo in Leipzig.

In the axial pinwheel system, the pins are not pushed outwards radially , as in the (radial) Baldwin or Odhner pinwheel, but the number of pins set in the setting mechanism is pushed to the side and engages with the counter in that way. (This is similar to how the Alpina, Numeria and Kuhrt would later work - annotation by Cris.)

object 1 cabinet 1

object 1 cabinet 1

object 1 cabinet 1


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