BRUNSVIGA - Gehirn von Stahl. Room 1

In the first room of the exposition, there are 2 flat table display cabinets, and 7 regular display cabinets. In addition, several pieces of advertising and paintings hang from the walls. In order to get a feel of what the room looks like, you can watch this video:



The display cabinets and wall plates are shown below. Click the picture to go to the detailed picture page for that display cabinet, with the accompanying text. Click a wall plate for an English translation of its contents.



cabinet 1

wall plate 1

cabinet 2

wall plate 2

cabinet 3

wall plate 3

cabinet 4

wall plate 4

cabinet 5

(If anyone has a better picture of this display cabinet, and does not mind that it would be published here, it would be much appreciated!)

wall plate 5

cabinet 6

table cabinets

wall plate 6

cabinet 7

wall objects