BRUNSVIGA - Gehirn von Stahl. Wall objects in Room 1

Blueprints “Details of calculator”

April 27th 1892

The technique for making blueprints exists since 1842. With it not the lines of the drawing were printed, but rather the spaces between the lines. These construction drawings show parts of the original ODHNER machine, e.g. a pinwheel. Another blueprint in the archives shows a top plate “in ready condition (bent)” and one “in stretched condition”.

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“Die Grossindustrie im Wort und Bild” (“Large scale industry in word and image”)

25th of December 1910

Illustrated advertisement on two pages in the magazine “Der Tag”. Depicted are the models J and Arithmotyp, a view of the Braunschweig factory, the “Gauss-head” with the slogan “Brains of Steel”, a picture of the production of October 19th 1910, ready for shipping, and the large sales offices in London, Paris and Berlin.

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Foundation party for the G-N-C Monatsschrift

13th of November 1912

Depicted is the celebratory dinner in the Brunswick “Parkhotel” for the foundation of the G-N-C Monatsschrift, to appear from January 1913 on. Present were, apart from Franz Trinks, e.g. , the secret archive counsel and historian Paul Zimmermann, who headed the Landesarchiv in Wolfenbüttel, and the author and journalist Kurt Meyer-Rotermund. In the middle of the table setup was a BRUNSVIGA calculator.

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“Over 27.000 sold. Trinks BRUNSVIGAs”


Promotional leaflet of the British sales agent. Presented are BRUNSVIGA customers and examples of calculations from the textile trade.

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“Ein unermüdlicher, williger Arbeiter ist die Trinks BRUNSVIGA-Rechenmaschine” (An indefatigable, willing worker is the Trinks-BRUNSVIGA calculator)


During the first world war and the years afterwards, the BRUNSVIGA advertisements showed especially that this product was the fruit of German labour. In part, parallels with the current military situation were drawn, as in this advertising leaflet for the PJ16, which was also published in the war issue of the G-N-C Monatsschrift.

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“Rema”-factory building

Not dated

The “Braunschweiger Rechenmaschinenfabrik Rema m.b.H.” in the Hamburger Strasse 56 was founded on February 20th 1919 by Alfred Koch, Ludwig Bewig, Richard Haase und Wilhelm Koch with a starting capital of 150.000,- M. On April 1st 1922, “GNC” took over the company. From 1925 on, Brunsviga supplied the models MII and MIII, according to the former designs of Rema.

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“The BRUNSVIGA over the North Pole”


Sir Ernest Shakleton would reportedly have taken a BRUNSVIGA machine to the South Pole, where it “went under with Shakleton’s ship in the pack ice”. General Nobile brought a BRUNSVIGA on the air ship “Italia” for surveying the North pole. The “Italia” crashed on May 5th 1928, which is not mentioned in the advertisement, and neither is the fact that during the expedition people lost their lives.

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Director Dr.-Ing Hermann Hoffmeister

June 12 1922

The painting shows Dr.-Ing. Hermann Hoffmeister (1886-1930), who from 1920 until his death in 1930 belonged to the management of the firm, and took over the technical direction as the successor of Franz Trinks. He constructed e.g. the BRUNSVIGA Nova machines. The painting is from the hand of the Brunswick painter Erich Körner (1866-1951), who, among others, portraited Natalis, Grimme and Trinks, as well as the Hoffmeister and Haase families.

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