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Richard Haase and Ernst Benecke

November/December 1934

On loan from Ulrike Haase.

In 1934, the delegates Dipl.-Ing. Richard Haase, and Ernst Benecke made a trip to New York for "Brunsviga" on the "Bremen". The trip to the US served the purpose of securing patents for the firm. (Benecke: second from the right, Haase, third from the right).

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BRUNSVIGA commemorative coin

This commemorative coin was a gift to Fritz Ochs for 25 years of service at “Brunsviga”. On the back side, it is stamped with “BRUNSVIGA –MASCHINENWERKE GRIMME, NATALIS u. Co. A.G. BRAUNSCHWEIG”

September 1936

Gift of Erhard Ochs.

The Hermes figure could be modeled to a pattern according to Gianbologna. The accompanying certificate was signed by general director Karl Runte. Sept. 23rd 1936.

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BRUNSVIGA Nova IVa electric

1932 s/n 135216, Reversible electric four-species calculator with pinwheels. Multiplier keys, stop division and back transfer

The machine, as the first BRUNSVIGA, has an electric drive and is equipped with keys for addition, subtraction and multiplication, as well as a so called stop-division. From the electric drive Nova IV’s, according to an internal list, between 1929 and 1931, only 24 machines were sold, and according to another source, 102 machines between 1930 and 1934.

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1932 s/n 136496 Reversible hand-operated four-species calculator with pinwheels

The BRUNSVIGA 13 was built from 1926 on, to smaller dimensions than the regular Nova. From 1929 on, further types in the 13 series appeared, such as the 13 Z, then from 1930 on the 13 ZK resp. the 13 ZG. This latter machine was manufactured in strongly simplified form as the 13 P from 1935 on, and as “war-machine” 13 M (possibly for both a commercial battle, as well as the war that was to come).

From 1929 to 1948, around 10.000 13Z machines were built.

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