BRUNSVIGA - Gehirn von Stahl. Display cabinet 4 in Room 2

Current models


Mentioned are the Nova 13, Nova 13 Z, Nova 13 ZG, Nova II, Nova IVa and Nova IVa electric.

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1940 s/n Hand-operated, printing full keyboard adding machine with direct subtraction and totaliser

The BRUNSVIGA AS adding and totalizing machine was sold starting 1936. Since the capacities of factory I and II were taken up by the production of calculators and timed igniters, until 1946, only very limited numbers could be produced.

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1943 no s/n Reversible electrically driven four-species calculator with bi-quinary stepped drums

This machine is a very early one in the series. Already in 1941-1943, several 11 Eā€™s were built for research purposes. Their sale in larger numbers only began in 1951. The zeroing of the setting levers is done by pressing the ā€œ0ā€ button on the front of the machine. The green indicator in the registers shows that no zeroing operation has commenced.

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1940 s/n 211973 Reversible hand-operated four-species calculator with pinwheels

This machine resulted from the continued development of the Nova II. The machine is equipped with a backtransfer mechanism and a reversing safety. Between 1932 and 1948, around 7470 BRUNSVIGA 15 machines would have been built, and the price at the time was 640,- RM

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