BRUNSVIGA - Gehirn von Stahl. Room 2 - wall objects.

Advertisement for the BRUNSVIGA A.S.E.


The ASE model was built in small numbers from 1936 on. It is different from the AS model through its combined hand and electric drive. After the second world war, the adding machine production at Brunsviga was increased.

object 1 cabinet 1

“Whether liters or fat percentage(…)”


The capabilities of the models Nova 13 ZG and Nova IVa are demonstrated on the inside with the help of calculations used in milk-processing companies. On the front page, there are illustrations of e.g. a truck with the text “Vereinte Pommersche Meiereien” (United Pommeranian Milkeries) and personnel with BRUNSVIGA calculators.

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BRUNSVIGA Nova IVa wall chart

not dated

Spanish wall chart for educational purposes, with a full frontal and schematic sideways view of the BRUNSVIGA Nova IVa, as well as a schematic of the mechanism for moving the carriage.

object 1 cabinet 1


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