BRUNSVIGA - Gehirn von Stahl. Table display cabinet 1 in Room 3


1955 s/n 22-09898 Hand-operated adding machine with full keyboard and direct subtraction until zero

The 90 TA was also marketed under the name ADSUM and 948 T, for English currency. The construction, according to Martin Reese, is a direct descendant from the KOMET key adder DM10.

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Nr. 2/ 1957

Apart from an article by Dir. Ditwalt Bremeier about "65 years of BRUNSVIGA calculators", there is e.g. a report about the "Expo-city Hannover". The "G-N-C-Monatsschriften" had been replaced by the "Brunsviga Monatshefte", which in turn morphed into "Stahlgehirn".

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Manual for Brunsviga 16 T

1955, 24 pages, one image

As calculation examples, e.g. the rule of three, proportional distribution, percentage and interest calculations are mentioned. The booklet was provided afterwards with an extra insert on square root calculation on the 16T and 16E.

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New Year's greeting card


On the New Year's card of a BRUNSVIGA distributor, are pictured figures built up out of "+", "-", "x" and ":" signs. These were often used in the 1950s in Brunsviga advertising.

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1956 s/n E054 Reversible electrically operated four species calculator with pinwheels, clearing by keys

The 16 T was put on the market in 1955. The C-key unlocks accidentally pressed clearing keys. The key marked with the downward arrow together with the key "III" operates the backtransfer mechanism.

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Manual »BRUNSVIGA 16 T«

1955 24 pages, one image Als Rechenbeispiele sind z. B. Dreisatz, Verteilungsrechnung, Prozentrechnung und Zinsrechnung aufgeführt. Dem Heft wurde nachträglich ein Einlegeblatt zum Quadratwurzelziehen auf der 16 T und der 16 E beigefügt.


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