BRUNSVIGA - Gehirn von Stahl. Table display cabinet 3 in Room 3

Circular - end of the production of the BRUNSVIGA 11 E/ 11 S

April 12th 1961

Confidential circular about the abandonment of the BRUNSVIGA 11 E and 11 S to the advantage of the Olympia product RA16. On the price lists of 1962, both models had disappeared, as well as the 16 E.

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1952, s/n E 028. Reversible hand-operated four species machine with bi-quinary stepped drums.

From 1932 on, the BRUNSVIGA 10 was manufactured as a new design, with bi-quinary ("split") stepped drums, tens’ carry in the counter register and non-moving setting levers. From 1951 on, it was produced with a new housing as the Nova 10 resp. B 10. The cylinder in the lower rear part of the exhibited machine is not standard, but a research project to increase the rotating mass during operation.

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"Beautifully designed and electric"


Advertisement for the BRUNSVIGA 11 E, pictured in olive green crinkle paint. On the back, it sounds: "The 11 E is an expression of our time: exemplary in shape and lines, well-thought out in construction and materials, practical in operation".

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1953, no s/n. Reversible electrically driven four species machine with bi-quinary stepped drums.

The electric calculator 11 E came on the market in 1951, after the research had been carried out in 1941-1943. Around 20.000 11 E machines were sold between 1951 and 1955, for around 1000,- DM each. In the back is an operating model of a bi-quinary stepped drum.

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BRUNSVIGA advertising material

November 11th 1955

In the 1950s, distributors could choose among a large variety of BRUNSVIGA promotional gifts. Apart from various ashtrays, tape measures, driving license holders, magnifying glasses, manicure pouches, sewing cabinets, pocket knives and cigar cases, there were also e.g. variously equipped “Skat” games (a kind of card game) as well as immersion heaters.

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