BRUNSVIGA - Gehirn von Stahl. Display cabinet 2 in Room 3

Sample of a Brunsviga-share

August 1951

Share for 100,- DM. In 1955, on the 83th general meeting, it was decided to increase the capital to 4 million DM. On September 6th 1956 another increase was made to 6 million DM. The head shareholders of the new capital were the "Olympia Werke A.G.", and "Diehl GmbH"

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An old (post)mark


The Brunsviga logo "Brains of Steel" is depicted next to Brunswick stamps, which had appeared 100 years earlier, on 01.01.1852. The stamps could be bought from 1852 on in values of 1, 2 and 3 Silbergröschen (currency of Prussia at the time) and were decorated with the coat of arms of the duchy.

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1956. s/n E 3093. Reversible electrically driven four species calculator with bi-quinary stepped drums

The machine is a continued development of the BRUNSVIGA 11 S. Of this model, only a research sample series was produced, it never made it into series production.

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1951 no s/n Electrically or hand-operated full keyboard adding machine with totaliser, divisible keyboard, item counter.

The 1407 adding machine distinguishes itself from the 1400 which was also available at the time, through its divisible keyboard, the possibility to use it for double additions, and the presence of an item counter. The 1407 E-5 was a specialty design for the German Post.

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Manual for the BRUNSVIGA D 1407 E

1952, 11 pages, 5 illustrations

English manual. Also pointers for the exchange of the ink ribbon, the cleaning of the keys and small reparations are included.

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