BRUNSVIGA - Gehirn von Stahl. Wall objects in Room 3

DM-opening balance

1950, about June 21st 1948

On the 21st of June 1948, a currency reform came into effect: the German Mark replaced the Reichsmark as the official currency. Accounts were usually made up at the end of a working year. Besides those normal accounts, there are extraordinary balances such as this one, for the currency reform.

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25th of April 1952

The photo shows the speech of the technical director Ditwalt Bremeier on the 60th anniversary of the sales of BRUNSVIGA machines.

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Celebration program and menu

April 25th 1952

On loan from Ulrike Haase.

Celebration program and menu on the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the sales of BRUNSVIGA machines. Menu belongs to engineer and board member Richard Haase and wife.

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Leibiz ahnte das Stahlgehirn / Leibniz resembled the "brains of steel"

May 15th 1953

Article in the "Braunschweiger Nachrichten" on the history of the BRUNSVIGA calculators.

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Extract from the manufacturing program


Illustrated are the calculators 13 RK, 11 E, 16 E, 11 S and the BRUNSVIGA adding machines 90 TA and G 111 R. On the back, additional models are listed. The same advertisement was also printed for the English market.

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Large teaching plate BRUNSVIGA 16T


These plates show single construction groups, in this case the register clearing, for the BRUNSVIGA 16 T / 16 R

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Sept. 7th 1956 Circular from Director Pfeffer to the sales oranisation, in relation to the capital increase. A transaction with AEG or its daughter firm Olympia are still clearly denied, and depicted as rumour and "silly talk".

Communication of the alliance

Nov. 12th 1957

It is communicated to the staff that in the mean time, 85% of the Brunsviga stock is in the hands of the "Olympia Werke A.G.", Wilhelmshaven, and that therefor an alliance has been made. Parts of the manufacture in Wilhelmshaven would come to Brunswick.

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Invitation for the inauguration of the newly built "Olympia" factory Brunswick in the Gifhorner Strasse, taking place on April 28th 1967 at 11 am.

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Factory hall in the Gifhorner Strasse factory

1969/1970. Photograph by Martina Kuchen-Kalanke

The photo shows the manufacture of circuit boards in the "Olympia" factory Brunswick in the Gifhorner Strasse. The fridges standing inbetween the rows are for testing purposes. In the front, the solder bath can be seen.

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